The Eating Disorder Network of Central Florida is a volunteer-based organization committed to raising awareness about eating disorders and providing quality treatment to individuals and families suffering from eating disorder and body image issues. Through collaborative work with organizations across the country and coordination of community outreach and fundraising activities, EDNCF is committed to increasing awareness, advocating for comprehensive, evidenced based treatment and promoting body acceptance for all.  EDNCF is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.


Our mission is supported by:

  • Educating our community on the prevalence of eating disorders and promoting the idea of full recovery through comprehensive treatment
  • Supporting the efforts of the National Eating Disorder Association and hosting the annual NEDA Walks Orlando.
  • Providing eating disorder treatment scholarships to individuals in the Central Florida community
  • Supporting other non-profit organizations dedicated to promoting health and body acceptance across all ages, genders, race and ethnicities