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March 10, 2017
Florida Hospital Church
2800 N. Orange Avenue
Orlando, FL 32804

Central Florida iaedp Chapter

Leaning into Emotions: A Cutting Edge Approach to the Treatment of Eating Disorders

Presented by Dee Ross Franklin, M.A. from Renfrew Centers

This workshop examines the psychological complexity of eating disorders and explores the benefits of a cutting edge treatment which focuses on emotional exposure. There is growing evidence that emotional avoidance is a maintaining factor for eating disorders as well as co-morbid conditions such as anxiety, depression, substance abuse and trauma response. Treatment which specifically focuses on targeting emotional avoidance and developing emotional awareness tolerance and acceptance can provide an integrated, unified approach to resolving the myriad of symptoms often associated with the complex eating disorder client. Though experiential demonstration this workshop will apply concepts from David Barlow's Unified Protocol for the Treatment of Emotional Disorders, to the treatment of complex eating disorders.

Learning Objectives
1. Participants will be able to identify three benefits of using a transdiagnostic approach to treat Eating Disorders.
2. Participants will be able to describe the three components of an emotional experience.
3. Participants will be able to describe three necessary elements of a designed exposure.


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Ms. Franklin is the Training, Program Development and Implementation Coordinator for the Renfrew Centers. In this role she is responsible for the conceptualization, development and implementation of treatment programs, protocols and therapy materials across all Renfrew sites nationwide. Additionally, she facilitates multidisciplinary training of clinical staff in the practice of evidenced-based models, and provides ongoing leadership and supervision on these topics to Renfrew's leadership teams across the organization. Ms. Franklin has extensive training & experience in the Unified Protocol for the Transdiagnostic Treatment of Emotional Disorders (UP) and is a Certified UP Therapist through the Center for Anxiety for Related Disorders (Boston University). Ms. Franklin earned a dual Bachelor of Arts (magna cum laude) in Psychology and Socio-cultural Anthropology, and a Masters in Psychology from Wits University in South Africa. Ms. Franklin's interest in practice includes a specialized focus on the treatment of eating disorders, anxiety, trauma and diversity issues.